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Quality Outsource Management

What WE Do



We offer specialized services that cater to various business activities. These can be activities like data entry, call centre operations, Payroll, IT or even HR activities.
Fixed term contracts and training programs are specialized and managed our highly skilled network of business partners to ensure compliance and excellent productivity alongside seamless integrations and ease of use.
Our cloud based in house software also allows for transparency and peace of mind.


Cloud based paperless management.

Employee management software that integrates with Sign pads and clocking devices to ensure ease and accuracy



Fully vetted talent pools

Skills development programs to provide the highest quality staff from general workers to senior managers



Fractional outsourcing, Leaner Fractional outsourcing, Leaner programs, Skills development, Employment partnerships , Skills development, Employment partnerships


Start to finish

Employee management getting you down?

3rdForce manages the whole process from recruitment, training, HR, Legal, PPE up to end of contract!

We also provide free hardware for large operations in the form of clocking devices and digital sign pads.

Back ground checks

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Standard criminal history checks are done free of charge


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Our online HR portal manages all documentation related to employee compliance

* Contract

* Code of conduct

* SOP and KPI’s

* Employee information

and a whole lot more


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Integrated with our clocking devices employee payrolls and live attendance is a breeze to manage.
Online leave requests and approval
Integration with major payroll systems

Cost Saving

Cut down on your overheads today

* Payrolls



WEB Based

Centralise your companies management structures.

3rdforce allows for company requirements to flow down from top management to floor level.

Core Functions

Free up your management to focus on core requirements whilst we manage the rest.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

Doug Conant

former President and CEO the Campbell Soup Company, the Campbell Soup Company

“Employee engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying in business.”

Ian Hutchinson

Life & Work engagement strategist